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About us

My name is Ulla Stålnacke Vestergren. I was born in the northen part of Sweden. My parents had a little farm and my sister and I used to play with our sheep and calves. Animals were a natural part of my life.

I am a nurse and I work with patients who needs rehabilitation and patients in palliative care, often with cancer diagnoses.

Breeding was not really my thing but when I entered the show-rings with my lovely puppy Yeevan I changed my mind. Earlier I could not think of my self showing a dog for public. Today I enjoy the shows and enjoy the meetings with other breeders. To prepare myself for breeding I have taken part of the Swedish Kennel Clubs course in breeding.

I am married to Tommy. My husband is a police-officer. He works as a forensic detective.
Tommy is the one who takes care of the blood-tracking training and tests with the dogs. He is also my web-master. We both enjoy working with our dogs.
Besides all work with our dogs, house and the children’s activities Tommy is a really good musician. He plays guitar, harmonica and piano and he is a fantastic singer. He has made a lot of his own music, mostly ballads and love songs. Tommy does both music and the texts to his songs.

Alexandra, our daughter, is a perfect ”nanny” to the dogs when we are not at home. She refuses to follow me to the shows. In summer time she loves to swim with the dogs and they have fun with watergames. Alexandra has been learning them some tricks, like dancing and other funny things.
Alexandra likes sports and is a great football player. She also loves skiing, especially slalom. When autumn comes she starts longing for the snow to fall.

Johan, our son, is one of the dogs favourite friends. He takes them for long walks and they are often away for hours. He likes to take pictures of the dogs and he often bring his camera with him.
Johan also play foot-ball and has been doing so since he was about five years old. He is a good sportsman, says his trainers and friends, and like his sister he is a successful football player. Since a year back he has been playing basket and he loves the sport.
He is also a great photographer. You can find some of his pictures here.
Books is another of Johan’s favourite interests. When he gets a new book he reads and reads and nothing can disturb him.